Follow Me As I Navigate The Normal Life

Hiker | Traveler | Reader | Beer Drinker | Sugar Addict | Feminist | Yogi | Cook

Between work, exercise, chores, errands, and obligations we must find time to play and enjoy. It is here that I collect the musings and memorabilia to master the time that is mine and mine alone. It is in these small moments of time I’m in a constant quest of growth, change, and difference. The adventures I go on are not special or unique. The food I make will not be starred or rated. The hikes I walk I have not blazed. The weights I lift aren’t the heaviest. The poses I strike aren’t pefect. I struggle. With…My job. Weight. Relationships. Finances. Loneliness. Dating (or lack thereof). The past. The future. Relevance.

From my experiences, I hope to catalogue, commiserate, and connect.

Because we are all making it through every day and finding those little moments that dot the landscape of the mundanity of life while navigating the normal to connect those dots.