Fierce Frontwoman

Earlier this year I decided that I should change the method by which I attend shows. Instead of waiting for acts that I like to come to Asheville (or Carrboro or Charlotte or some other easily accessible city), I was going to look through all the music venues in town to see who was scheduled to be here and then get into them. This new methodology worked—with Mount Moriah. They were at the Mothlight in March.

Two things struck me when I headed to Spotify to listen: the number one song in the list was Calvander and the lead singer sounded like Dolly Parton. I immediately began investigating and found that they are from Durham and Chapel Hill. Of course they are! I grew up down the road from Calvander. Regardless of the hometown resemblance, I liked what Mount Moriah had to offer and they were immediately add to my rotation of songs.Furthermore, that lead singer! She sounded just like Dolly Parton. But edgier. I found my favorite songs (Lament, Calvander, Cardinal Cross, Baby Blue–the garage demo) among their three albums and added them to my 2016 Spotify playlist and blasted them going down the road.

Instead of seeing them at Mothlight because their date in Asheville ended up being over Easter weekend (and I’m required by family law to travel home for such a holiday), I used this excellent band as the opportunity to be named “My First Show at the Cat’s Cradle.” Mount Moriah did not disappoint.