April 15, 2016
A weekly rundown of all my weaknesses including the things I’ve read, heard, or found that might interest you too…

The Picture Above
I took this picture of Battlecat’s bathroom door. Oh, Battlecat. Probably the most likely to have both signs in all of Asheville!

If I’m Not the Worst, What Am I
The take away from this Vice article is that one doesn’t “need fucking Lululemon” to practice self-care–good because I can’t fit into their clothes anyway. It can be “messy, dark, loud, and even mischievous.” #truth

When Musicians Boycott To Protest Politics
While Bruce Springsteen and Ringo Starr are boycotting North Carolina to protest the passage of House Bill 2, Louis C.K., Joel McHale, and Against Me! are actively engaging North Carolina audiences and public. It’s a nuanced at look at how music (and musicians) has interacted with politics currently and in the past.

Fewer Americans Are Visiting Local Libraries-And Technology Isn’t To Blame
Get a library card! Go to your library! Petition local representatives (or whatever authority who runs your library) to fund them. The more they’re funded, the more people go. Unfortunately, the reverse is true too.

This Bakery Offers A Second Chance for Women After Prison
I heard this segment on NPR’s Morning Edition as I drove into work. I adore everything about it–baked goods; empowering women; job creation. Together We Bake in Alexandria, Virginia provides job-training and coaching program for women emerging from prison.

Orgone at Asheville Music Hall
I was told to go see Caleb Caudle at the Asheville Music Hall. When checking out there (new and wonderful!) website, what really interested me was Orgone. SUPER funky. They are going to be at the Music Hall on Wednesday, April 20th. Spotify says they’re a jam band too. I can see that.

Liz Vice at Grey Eagle

She will be at the Grey Eagle on Thursday, May 5th. I hate to miss her, but I will be at Trampled By Turtles and Devil Makes Three at Pisgah Brewing. If you aren’t interested in those bands or didn’t get tickets before they sould out, go see her!

The Record Company at Grey Eagle
Another band that I’d go see if a bigger deal in my world weren’t here that evening (Haim). They will be at the Grey Eagle on June 8th. They’ve been on 2016 playlist for a few months now.