A Book by Lauren Groff
This is one of those books that you see everywhere. You don’t know what it is about, but you know you should be reading it. Your point is proven for you when you go to check it out from the library, and it has the longest hold time of any other book you’ve put on hold in the past five months. When you’re finally allowed to bring it home and you start reading it, you realize why all the hype.

The allure of Fates and Furies is something that I can’t put my finger on. The writing is breezy and quick. Its cadence reminded me (for some weird reason) of Matilda. Each sentence, each scene is so matter of fact. Large swaths of time are left out, but you don’t need them. You get the full picture in the small anecdotes and moments in time.

Fates and Furies is about a marriage. Period. There’s no making it more interesting or riveting than that. But in my opinion, its magneticism comes from the prose and not the plot.

Read it. Quickly. Because that’s the only way the book allows you to read it.