Breakfast at City Bakery
My relationship with City Bakery has a complicated past. I used to hate. Now, however, I adore it. So I guess not all that complicated. It’s one of my favorite breakfasts in town because I now know what to order: the Hawaiian sandwich and the cinnamon roll. Also, their coffee is just good (it’s roasted by Dynamite) and their baristas are some of the few in this town that understand the meaning of “dry cappucino.” Don’t bother with the random selection of cupcakes or pies in the bakery case. Stick to City Bakery for these two breakfast delights!

Let me describe to you their Hawaiian breakfast sandwich layer-by-layer. First (and my most important) is the soft, sweet Hawaiian bun. It’s followed by big chunks of avocado, thick slices of bacon, sharp swiss cheese, layers of ham, and an aoli. There are so many things about this sandwich that I’m normally not into. I don’t like superfluous bacon. I tend to find swiss cheese bland. Aoli is rarely needed on anything. But the sum of this sandwich is so much greater than its parts. This isn’t a cheap sandwich either, but it’s worth it.

Pro tip: Get an egg added to it.

I’ve gone back and fourth on City Bakery’s cinnamon roll. I used to proclaim West End Bakery’s cinnamon roll  the best in town. Not anymore. The cinnamon-sugar to bread ratio is simply not adequate. It’s too dry. The City Bakery cinnamon roll, however,  gets better with every bite. It’s made of a phillo-like dough: flakey but substantial. The more you peel off, the gooeyier (gooeier?) it gets. When you’re done eating it, you know you’ve just done something very bad, but it tasted so good.

Pro tip: Get it warmed up in the toaster.