Pulled Pork Burrito
For years, I have eyed the tiny restaurant nestled in the corner of a strip mall between a laundromat and music shop. I finally seized the opportunity to eat at the tiny Mexican food place when a friend and I were headed to Heartless Bastards at Isis. Wondering what we could do dinner, we wanted something casual but would provide more excitement than the over-priced and underwhelming options along that section of Haywood Road. Bandido’s was the perfect solution!

Like so many other establishments in Asheville, the service isn’t great. There is one server who seems to attend the entire floor. But that’s alright. The place is super casual and cheap. And delicious. These things, in my humble opinion, outweigh the average sevice. My friend and I both ordered the pulled pork burrito. It’s enough food for two meals. In the subsequent two times I’ve been since, I cut the burrito in half and automatically put it to the side to take it home and eat it later. The accoutremonts are also good. The guacamole is chunky and flavorful. The chips are doused if not in actual Old Bay, an Old Bay-like seasoning. The sangria was tart but tasty.

The menu is small but has many delicious looking entrees. I just can’t help but continue ordering the pulled pork burrito. But for an $8 burrito, free chips, and even two or three outdoor tables, Bandido’s is definitely in my rotation of approved places to eat.