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The Weirdness of Mattress Stores

A Freakonomics Podcast
So much good information about the history of Americans and their mattresses; the business of mattresses; brick-and-mortar mattress stores; online mattress retailers; economic and city planning phenomona to answer the question, why are there are so many mattress stores?


The Living Room

Podcast from Love + Radio 

I found it on the Atlantic’s Best Podcasts of 2015. A fast but emotional listen. The story is deeply intimate. A young couple moves into the apartment across from the narrator and never seems to close their curtains. The narrator tells the story of a young couple as she watches intently for months over the alleyway and through the windows.  As one listens to the narrator recount her story, it feels as if you’ve intruded on something highly personal. But it is the sentiment the narrator leaves us with—that she, an unknown neighbor, a stranger could peer into their lives and she was in their corner, pulling for them, is perhaps more affecting as the plot leading to its conclusion. Perhaps some unknown stranger is rooting for us out there somewhere. If you need thirty minutes to fly by, this is the way to do it!

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